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Our primary purpose for the site is to provide information on UK Final Salary Schemes funding levels and solvency issues.

Decisions, especially if you are an expatriate, regarding the transfer of UK final salary pensions and the various options require specialist advice and also a knowledge of all the facts and available options.

Our intention is to provide clients and their trusted advisers with all relevant facts about the existing UK Schemes, especially focusing on Final Salary Schemes. Whilst the benefits of SIPPS and QROPS are plentiful and should be carefully considered in the advice process a knowledge of the current schemes solvency should also be taken into account. Whilst there are some very good and well funded UK schemes it must be borne in mind that there are very few Final Salary Schemes available nowadays and most are underfunded and have solvency issues.

Even if you have no intention of looking at alternative options available to you it is worth reviewing your pension scheme on an annual basis in order to avoid any nasty shocks in retirement.

To think your Final Salary Pension is gold plated and fully guaranteed may be wishful thinking.

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