is a leading provider of information in relation to final Salary pensions. It is often difficult to find factual, up to date information on final salary pension schemes. Real data, especially negative data, is often hidden away from pension scheme members, so our aim is to provide this information to the public in order to help pension scheme members assess their retirement benefits and plan accordingly for the future.

It must be stressed that not all pension schemes are in financial difficulty. In fact, there are some very good pension schemes in the UK. However, irrespective of whether your pension scheme is financially sound or not, it is important to review your pension on an annual basis to ensure that you are fully aware of the current position and how this may or may not affect your retirement.

The last thing any individual should face when they retire is a surprise when they receive their pension, and this is why the team at are dedicated to looking beyond the jargon. We will provide only the clearest, most up to date pension information, without hiding this important information behind any clever marketing brochures or hidden agendas.

We do not provide financial advice, nor should our reports be construed as financial advice. However, our reports can be used as a resource when reviewing your pension scheme with your Financial Adviser.

We will be happy to provide you with contact details for Financial Advisers in your area.

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