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We aim to provide you with as much information about primarily UK Final Salary Schemes and especially solvency levels, funding rates and how much employers are contributing to the scheme and recovery plans.

We aim to constantly update the site with new information about various UK schemes and aim to increase the number of Final Salary Schemes reviewed and ensure that you, the trust...


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The team at are pension analysts and experts who primarily provide independent pension scheme analysis and solvency reports on UK and major global pension schemes. The team all have many years of experience within the pensions industry and have a real passion for digesting information, often convoluted and bogged down with financial jargon, and presenting it in a way...


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Our primary purpose for the site is to provide information on UK Final Salary Schemes funding levels and solvency issues.

Decisions, especially if you are an expatriate, regarding the transfer of UK final salary pensions and the various options require specialist advice and also a knowledge of all the facts and available options.

Our intention is to provide clients and their...


Seven years since ‘simplified’ pensions came into force – and people are more confused than ever!

By Adam Uren

PUBLISHED: 17:02, 2 April 2013 | UPDATED: 11:35, 3 April 2013

Sweeping changes introduced seven years ago which were designed to simplify the UK’s pension system have failed miserably, according to a survey of financial advisers.

Friday will mark seven years to the day that the ‘A-Day’ pension reforms hit the UK, which saw the lifetime...